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ProMark Cathodic Protection Test Stations / Terminal Enclosures

ProMark Utility Supply offers a range of test stations / terminal enclosure that are designed to meet the exacting demands of cathodic protection. ProMark’s Cathodic Protection Test Station / Terminal Enclosures such as the PM-TS3, PM-TS125, PM-TS5 and other Test Station accessories safeguard the sensitive electronic components responsible for controlling the cathodic protection process.  These components are often located in harsh environments, where they are exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, and contaminants. These terminal enclosures are designed to protect against these conditions, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the system. Safety is paramount when working with cathodic protection systems. ProMark’s Cathodic Protection Test Station / Terminal Enclosures are engineered to prevent access to live electrical parts, reducing the risk of electrical hazards for personnel and unauthorized personnel. These terminal enclosures come in a variable of colors and are manufactured in the USA from high impact UV resins.

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Underground Fiber Optic Marker Posts

Fiber Optic Marker Post, warning signs and terminal enclosure.

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Underground Fiber Optic Marker Post                 Fiber Optic Warning Sign

Telephone Cable Ground Terminal Enclosure

Flush Mounted Test Station TS-5

Flush-Mounted-Cathodic-Protection-Test-Station TS-5ProMark manufactures a complete line of Cathodic Protection Test Stations and Terminal Enclosures. The ProMark Model# PM-TS5 (Flush Mounted Test Station) is the latest addition to our line of Test Stations. The Flush Mounted Test Station is manufactured from a fiber reinforced thermoplastic material that is resistant to chemicals and other outdoor conditions. This Flush Mounted Test Station will not rust or corrode. Like all the other Test Stations ProMark manufactures, the PM-TS5 is UV resistant and is made to withstand direct sunlight and hold its original color unlike other Flush Mounted Test Stations that need to be constantly painted to maintain visibility.

ProMark’s PM-TS5 Flush Mounted Test Stations are used to secure cathodic protection terminals, circuits, other line applications and can also be used as a valve box. The
PM-TS5 can be installed in soil, asphalt and concrete. Our Flush Mounted Test Stations are molded with a steel insert for additional reinforcement and are detectable. A terminal board with standard stainless steel terminals is included with each Flush Mounted Test Station. Other accessories such as lug terminals, shunts and bonding straps are also available to meet your requirements and specifications.

PM-TS5 Flush Mounted Test Stations are available in standard colors. Custom wording is also available to meet your specifications.

For more information please visit our PM-TS5 Flush Mounted Test Station product page.