ProMark Utility Supply Inc.

A leading manufacturer of Pipeline Markers, Utility Signs and Marker Posts with over 25 years of experience in identifying and marking buried utilities such as; Gas, Oil, Telecom, Electric, Water and Sewer. ProMark also manufactures Boundary Markers, Trail Markers and Signs. In addition to Utility Markers, ProMark manufactures a complete line of Cathodic Protection Test Stations and accessories. Products are made from formulated engineered resins to perform in harsh weather conditions to identify, prevent damage and dangerous accidents. ProMark products are available through distributors worldwide. For more information please contact us.

  • Utility Marker Posts
  • Fiber Optic Marker Post
  • Pipeline Marker Posts
  • Flexible Utility Gas Pipeline Marker
  • Warning Gas Pipeline Poly Signs
  • CP Test Stations
  • Cathodic Protection Test Stations
  • ProMark CP Test Stations
  • Gas Pavement Inserts
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Dome Marker Post PM 303PIPELINE & CABLE MARKER The PM 303 Dome Marker Post is a Pipeline and Cable Marker used as a Warning Sign to mark underground utilities such as:  Fiber … View
Flexible Utility Marker PM 301CABLE & PIPELINE MARKER The PM 301 Flexible Utility Marker is Cable and Pipeline Marker used as a Warning Sign to mark underground utilities such as: … View
Trail MarkerThe PM 301 Flexible Trail/Boundary Marker can be customized with any information needed. The marker is designed to flex on impact and return to its … View
Poly SignThe Poly Signs are made from specially formulated resin with UV inhibitors and are 100% recyclable.  The signs are resistant to chemicals, solvents and stress cracking. View
Damage Report Kit PM DRK36DAMAGE REPORT KIT PM DRK36 Damage Report Kit (PM DRK36) makes it easy to photograph, video and document before excavation begins to prevent underground facility damage incurred … View
Cathodic Protection Test Station PM-TS3CATHODIC PROTECTION TEST STATION (3″) The PM-TS3 Test Station is an enclosure that protects circuits and terminals.  ProMark’s Cathodic Protection Test Station is also used in telecommunications as a grounding … View
Flush Mounted Test Station PM-TS5FLUSH MOUNTED TEST STATION The PM-TS5 is a Flush Mounted Test Station made in the USA from specially formulated engineered grade fiber reinforced resins.  This Terminal Enclosure secures … View
Cathodic Protection Test Stations and AccessoriesCATHODIC PROTECTION TEST STATIONS AND ACCESSORIES Test Stations are made for monitoring buried items and providing an outlet to alter or manipulate chemical reactions taking … View