ProMark Pipeline Markers

ProMark Dome Marker Posts are used to recognize the location of buried pipelines such as Fiber Optic Cable, Gas Pipelines, Petroleum Pipelines, Electric Lines, Water Lines, and Sewer Lines. These pipeline marker posts lie above ground and allow underground pipeline locations to become high-visibility. Made in USA, ProMark Pipeline Marker Posts are one of the most durable underground utility markers available today. The ProMark Dome Marker Posts are molded from a special formula with virgin prime resins that are 100% recyclable.

The ProMark Pipeline Markers Posts’ 360˚ cylinder shape customizable height insures that all utility sign markers and pipeline marker posts are visible from all angles on ground or air. The ProMark Dome utility sign returns upright upon vehicle impacts or cattle leaning. To enhance durability, ProMark Pipleline Marker Posts also feature UV packages that hold s their vibrant colors and make the utility signs resistant to chemicals, solvents and stress cracking.

The graphics on the ProMark Dome Marker Post are molded on to the Pipeline Marker with a lifetime graphic guarantee to not fade, peel or chip. The graphics mark the type of underground utility line buried and can be further customized with company and contact information to make sure your cathodic protection systems, underground utilities, and pipelines remain secure.

ProMark also provides pipeline marker posts for Cathodic Protection Test Stations and Vent Marker Posts. Cathodic Protection Test Station Marker Posts feature a terminal enclosure with leads/terminals. Vent Marker Posts also provide a Vent Cap that allows air to flow and circulate and are capable of detecting gas leaks. This Pipeline Marker is made to efficiently be installed over pre-existing steel vent pipes and they consist of durable and weather-proof graphic details which eliminate the need to maintain the painting of the vent pipes.

ProMark Pipeline Markers are available to be manufactured a variety of customizable lengths and industry standard colors for specific utilities. ProMark Pipeline Markers provide some of the most competitive underground utility markers and pipeline marker posts in the market today.

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