ProMark Utility Supply Pavement Insert

ProMark Utility Supply offers Pavement Insert marker posts to help signal utilities or existing underground piping systems. The ProMark Supply Pavement Inserts are specially designed to be embedded into streets and sidewalks in all types of living environments. The bright orange pavement insert, uniquely manufactured by ProMark Utility Supply withstands a variety of different conditions: from urban, high vehicular traffic areas with large amounts of pedestrian and vehicle movement to isolated suburban areas open to the impact of nature.Pavement-Insert-PM-125

Use the ProMark Utility Supply PM-125PI Pavement Insert to allow access to soil for taking pipe-to-soil potential reading over existing underground piping systems. Pavement Inserts are maintenance free, and created as a non-metallic flush type test station. The bright orange color of the ProMark PM-125PI Pavement Insert permits crew members and passersby to provide easy identification of the Pavement Insert and protects the existing utility. With a height of 5 foot and ¾ inches, the ProMark Pavement Insert is highly visible from long distance and wards off any potential damage to existing utility.

The ProMark Pavement Insert is designed for easy, hassle free installation. Simply by using a drill and a mallet, the ProMark Pavement Insert can be installed within minutes. ProMark PM-125PI Pavement Insert acts as a utility marker for gas utility, underground utility or underground piping systems. Keep costly utilities protected from outside damage.

In addition to the Pavement Insert, ProMark Utility Supply offers a multitude of specialized utility markers and add-on accessories to protect the well-being of existing utility. The ProMark Flexible Utility Marker and Dome Marker Posts are both frontrunner utility protection marker designs in the market and guarantee longevity and durability.

To request more information about the ProMark Pavement Insert, contact ProMark here and discover the ways the Pavement Insert can benefit expensive utility. Also visit the ProMark website to learn more about the various protection utilities ProMark Utility Supply manufactures and distributes.

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