ProMark Cathodic Protection Test Stations

When it comes to Cathodic Protection Test Stations, ProMark has a history of manufacturing effective products in the industry.  ProMark manufactures a complete line of Cathodic Protection Test Stations and Accessories.  The ProMark PM-TS3 Cathodic Protection Test Station is an enclosure that is specially manufactured and designed to protect all circuits and terminals above and below ground. ProMark’s Cathodic Protection Test Stations can also be used for the specialized purposed of telecommunications when used as a grounding box.  All cathodic protection Test Stations are both manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.  ProMark offers a lifetime warranty on all Test Stations and guarantees that the Cathodic Protection Test Stations never needs replacement. PM-TS3 Test Stations come in standard colors and include five stainless steel terminals.


See ProMark’s Cathodic Protection Test Station Accessories which include Bonding Straps (shorting bars), Lug terminals, colored Banana Jack terminals, CoverGuards, Reducers, Stainless Steel Flange Brackets, Resistors, Rheostats, and much more


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