Pipeline Markers: Safety and Awareness

Pipelines are used to carry a wide variety of substances underground to different facilities. Pipeline markers are used as warning signs to mark underground utilities such as fiber optic cables, gas pipelines, petroleum pipelines, electric lines, water lines, and sewer lines. Without pipeline markers, workers digging in the area are susceptible to hitting hazardous lines, which could lead to injury and even death. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI/ASME) uses a pipe labeling color code chart with six standard color combinations and four user-defined combinations. The color requirements provide a fast, safe, and easy method to identify hazardous materials in piping systems.

The pipeline marker industry’s primary goals are to provide the safest environment, provide awareness, and to mark the location to hazardous pipelines. A huge contributor to providing a safe environment has been Pro-Mark Utility Supply Inc. Pro-Mark stands above the rest in this industry due to their success over the years. These markers are bound to last you over a decade before having to replace them.

There are a variety of pipeline markers used in the workforce today, but it’s important to choose the best quality marker that will endure the different climates to ensure safety. Pro-Mark supplies both dome markers and flexible utility markers made out of fiberglass to suit your needs. The PM-303 Dome Marker Post is manufactured in the USA from specially formulated resins with UV inhibitors. Its 360˚ cylindrical shape ensures that the Dome Marker Post can be seen from all angles on the ground and by air patrols. The Marker Post is environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable. The PM-303 Dome Marker Post is resistant to chemicals and has high impact resistance making it the most durable way to mark underground utilities.

The PM-301 Flexible Utility Marker is Cable and Pipeline Marker used as a Warning Sign to mark underground utilities and can also be used as a Highway Delineator, Boundary Marker or Trail Marker. ProMark’s Flexible Utility Marker is manufactured in the USA from high impact fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic resins. The Marker has a three rib profile design which will flex on impact and return to its original upright position without cracking or splintering.

Safety should never be compromised by using low-quality markers that fade over time. Unlike decals or hot stamping, the ProMark graphic system has a lifetime guarantee not to fade, peel or chip. Graphics can also be customized to meet customer specifications and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. Be sure to check out our full line of products and see why Pro-Mark continues to set the standard in the pipeline marker industry.

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