Marker Posts

Pro-Mark is now manufacturing Marker Posts for the agricultural and real estate industries.  Our Dome Marker Posts are now being used to identify and separate rows and bins in many agricultural fields such as corn and onions.  The PM-303 Dome Marker Posts are also now being utilized to mark and indicate property lines throughout many states in the US.

Pro-Mark’s PM-303 Dome Marker Posts are typically used to mark utility lines such as Fiber Optic Cable, Gas Pipelines, Water lines and all other utilities.  Our Marker Posts are manufactured from specially formulated resins with UV inhibitors.  The graphic system on our Marker Posts has a lifetime guarantee not to fade, peel or chip.  The PM-303 Dome Marker Posts are environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable.

Pro-Mark can customize and design a Marker Post to mark and identify just about anything that needs to be identified.  Marker Posts can be manufactured in all standard lengths and colors.  Pro-Mark is the industry leader in manufacturing Marker Posts and specializes in marking lines worldwide.


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