Fiberglass Utility Markers

Pro-Mark is now expanding its Fiberglass Utility Marker for custom markings in city parks, golf courses and hiking trails.  The PM-301 Fiberglass Utility Marker is being used to mark holes, trails and landmarks throughout golf courses, local and national parks in the US.

Pro-Mark’s PM-301 Fiberglass Utility Markers are typically used to mark utility lines such as Fiber Optic Cable, Gas Pipelines, Water lines and all other utilities. Fiberglass Utility Markers are manufactured from high impact fiberglass reinforced resins

Pro-Mark can customize and design decals for the Fiberglass Utility Markers to identify and meet your specifications.  The PM-301 Fiberglass Utility Marker comes standard in 66” length and white.  Pro-Mark is the industry leader in manufacturing Marker Posts and specializes in marking lines worldwide.

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