Cathodic Protection Test Stations

ProMark Utility Supply manufactures a complete line of Cathodic Protection Test Stations. Each Cathodic Protection Test Station is made to identify and prevent damage and dangerous accidents. The PM-TS3 Cathodic Protection Test Station is an enclosure that gives protection to circuits and terminals. This unique Cathodic Protection Test Station is also optimized to be used in telecommunications as a grounding box.

The ProMark Supply Cathodic ProtectionTest Station is made in the USA using high impact UV stabilized polycarbonate that extend the durability of the station each has a lifetime warranty. PM-TS3 Test Stations are available in industry standard with options with a selection of five stainless steel terminals and can be customized with a High-Density Polyethylene conduit/support post.

The PM-TS3 is also available with custom graphics as a Test Station Marker Post which will be molded onto the unit and resilient to fading, chipping, and peeling. The graphics can be further customized with company and contact information to make sure your cathodic protection systems remains secure.

The ProMark PM-TS3 Cathodic Protection Test Stations available in stock in a variety of standard colors which can be customized to match personal preferences. In addition to the PM-TS3 unit itself, ProMark also provides Cathodic Protection Test Station Marker Posts featuring a terminal enclosure with leads/terminals. These Pipeline Marker Posts are made to effectively be installed over pre-existing steel vent pipes and their durable and weather-proof graphic details eliminate the need to maintain the painting of the vent pipes.

The ProMark PM-TS3 Cathodic Protection Test Station features some of the most competitive, durable components in today’s market. The hard-wearing nature allows easy maintenance throughout its use. Learn more at:

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