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Line Markers for Pipelines

In accordance to Federal Regulations pertaining to Line Markers for mains and transmission lines a Line Marker must be placed and maintained as close as practical over each buried main and transmission line. This includes providing a Line Marker at each crossing of a public road and railroad. A Line Marker is necessary to identify the location of the transmission line or main to reduce the possibility of damage or interference. For pipelines aboveground a Line Marker must be placed and maintained along each section of a main and transmission line that is located aboveground in an area accessible to the public. The wording on the Line Marker must be legible on a background of sharply contrasting color. The word “Warning,” “Caution,” or “Danger” followed by the words “Gas (or name of gas transported) Pipeline” all of which, except for markers in heavily developed urban areas, must be in letters at least 1 inch high with 1/4 inch stroke. The name of the operator and the telephone number (including area code) where the operator can be reached at all times.

ProMark manufactures Line Markers that are in accordance to Federal Regulations. The ProMark model number PM-303 is manufactured in the USA from specially formulated resins with UV inhibitors.  Its 360˚ cylindrical shape insures that the Line Marker Post can be seen from all angles on the ground and by air patrols.  The ProMark graphic system has a lifetime guarantee not to fade, peel or chip and is customized to include company name, phone numbers and logo.  The PM-303 Line Marker Post is resistant to chemicals and has high impact resistance making it the most durable way to mark underground and aboveground utilities.


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Line Markers

Line Markers are above ground, high-visibility signs that identify the approximate location of buried pipelines.  Most pipelines are buried underground.  Line Markers indicate the type of pipeline buried such as; Gas, Natural Gas, High Pressure Pipelines, etc…. and also includes the name and contact information of the company that operates the pipeline.  The main purpose of Line Markers is to alert those who are digging or working in the vicinity of the pipeline and prevent damage.


ProMark is a leading manufacturer of Line Markers.   Our Flexible Utility Marker (Model# PM-301) is an ultra-high weather resistant Line Marker with exceptional durability in UV, moister, heat and cold harsh conditions. Ultra-Violet resistant decals are applied to these Line Markers indicate company and contact information for the specific pipeline being identified.  For more information on this product please see our Flexible Utility Marker product page.


ProMark also manufactures a Dome Marker Post (Model# PM-303).  This Line Marker is molded from specially formulated, virgin prime resins with UV inhibitors.  Its 360˚ cylinder shape and height insures that the Marker can be seen from all angles on the ground and by air patrols.  Pipeline graphics and information are etched into the Dome Marker Post with a graphic system guaranteed for life not to fade, peel or chip.  The Dome Marker Post is one of the most durable Line Markers being manufactured today.  For more information on this product please see our Dome Marker Post product page.

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