Leading Manufacturer of Pipeline Markers

Accidents happen all the time, whether it’s at home, at the workplace, or just anywhere in the world. At times accidents are something we cannot prevent or even predict but thanks to Pro-Mark Utility Supply Inc. you can now prevent hazardous accidents or damages from happening by identifying buried utilities in your area. Safety should be the first thing on everyone’s mind when it comes to dealing with Fiber Optic Cable, Gas Pipelines, Electric Lines, Water Lines, Sewer Lines and other utility lines that may buried and out of sight from construction workers or just any individual performing construction. Homes and lives can be in danger when put a situation where you have no idea or awareness of what’s underneath you and buried in the ground. Over the years there have been reported incidents of massive crude oil spills, explosions, serious damages, injuries, and unfortunately, deaths. This is a serious manner that we as responsible human beings cannot and should not even ignore.

Pro-Mark is a very liable company that cares about the people, providing everyone with a strategy to prevent further accidents. That strategy implements using a variety of different products such as; Dome Marker Posts, Flexible Utility Markers, and Poly Signs. These products are all very useful and helpful in identifying where these buried utilities are located, without these products the naked eye will not be able to identify and protect you from the hazards. These markers and signs are created from specially formulated High Density Polyethylene with UV inhibitors. This gives individuals on foot, in a motor vehicle, or even air patrols awareness of these buried utilities.

Save a life today by being a caring individual and implanting Pro-Mark warning markers, posts, or signs. Hard-workers and citizens deserve to be informed and protected from all hazards! Pro-Mark delivers very affordable products that are used for a great cause.

Don’t forget to look through Pro-Mark’s website by clicking here. More details can be found on their page and you will be granted the opportunity to shop today if you please. For further assistance, you can always contact a representative at 877-325-1525 or also send an email at sales@promarksupply.com . On the Contact Page on the website there is a form you can fill out, being an alternative way to get all your questions answered. Pro-Mark has provided great customer service for over 25 years so don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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