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Buried Pipelines & ProMark Markers

It is important to note that not all pipelines follow a straight path between markers, and you should always contact 811 before digging near a pipeline. Pipeline markers are an important safety tool for notifying the public or anyone working within the area of the close proximity of the pipeline. Not marking the pipeline properly can create a serious safety hazard, the more visible pipeline markers means enhanced safety for the public. Pipeline markers should be placed at line-of-sight and in some cases closer together. The ProMark pipeline Dome Marker Posts is guaranteed to be visible and legible for a minimum of 20 years with our graphic system unlike markers with stickers that could be easily removed or come off. ProMark dome pipeline markers are durable, weatherable and are easy to install.

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Find ProMark pipeline markers on our website, and get in contact with a Pro-Mark Utility Supply representative that can provide more information, pricing and/or samples.


Gas Pipeline Markers

With the most recent gas pipeline explosions in Northwestern Oklahoma and San Bruno, California the importance of Pipeline Markers has never been greater. Pipeline Markers are used to mark and indicate that there is a natural gas pipeline, petroleum pipeline or any other specific pipeline buried underground. The Markers are used as a warning sign to prevent damage and protect the surrounding area around the pipeline.

ProMark manufactures a variety of Gas Pipeline Markers. The Flexible Utility Marker (Model# PM-301) is an ultra-high weather resistant Pipeline Marker with exceptional durability in UV, moister, heat and cold harsh conditions. This Flexible Utility Pipeline Marker comes in all standard colors and has excellent color retention and is easy to install. For more information on this Pipeline Marker please visit our Flexible Utility Marker page.

The Dome Marker Post (Model# PM-303) is a Pipeline Marker with 360 degree visibility and has a graphic system that is guaranteed for life not to fade, peel or chip. Dome Marker Posts are also available in all standard colors and standard lengths are 6 and 8 feet long. For more information on this Pipeline Marker please visit our Dome Marker Post page or contact us at 877-325-1525.

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