Pipeline Marker Industry

An industry that is solely based on developing products that protect the innocent from possible injury and in the worst case, even death. A huge contributor to providing a safe environment has been Pro-Mark Utility Supply Inc. for they have engineered different products that companies can use for a future reference as to where all these gas lines or pipes are located, so construction can be done without creating a life threatening situation, such as an explosion. Better safe than sorry as research has proved that most pipeline accidents tend to be catastrophic. No one should have to go through something that can be prevented, take action and let Pro-Mark save lives. Over the years there has been nearly 1.7 billion dollars of property damage in public and private properties due to natural gas accidents.

Why is this industry important? Its primary goals are to provide the safest environment, provide awareness, and to give location to the Fiber Optic Cables, Gas Pipelines, Petroleum Pipelines, Electric Lines, Water Lines, Sewer Lines and all other buried utility lines. Pro-Mark stands above the rest in this industry due their success over the years, these markers are bound to last you over a decade before having to replace them.

A loyal partner like Pro-Mark will satisfy all your needs. There have been around seven million miles of cable installed in North America in the year 2,000 alone, meaning that millions may be prone to become severely injured.

The dome marker posts are made to have 360 degrees’ cylindrical shape with UV inhibitors, allowing the cable and pipeline marker to be seen from all angles. The flexible utility marker is also another great product that stands out do to the color and size, also used to identify underground utilities. On the site http://promarksupply.com/ you can get more in depth information on the following products. If you have any questions you can view their Contact Page for further assistance.

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